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2017 Audi A5

2017 Audi A5 Long Term Test

We get to live with the smooth executive coupe from Audi for the next six weeks

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Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F Long Term Test

It’s the bad boy bruiser that’s dropped under the radar, the ultimate stealth sports saloon and it’s ours! For a while at least.

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Chevrolet Tahoe long term test

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ Long Term Test

For the best value family room on wheels – it doesn’t get better than this big lug!

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2016 Toyota Prius Long Term Test

In the Middle East the V8 maybe king, but we're going to buck the trend and drive the planet's most pious car - the Prius

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Chrysler 300C SRT Long term test

Chrysler 300C SRT Long Term Test

We first drove it last year and loved it so much we gave it an award. But just to be sure, we've pinched for a bit longer

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