For sale: Brand new Lotus Evora in Al Awir, Dubai

Is this the only Evora in the UAE? Surely not?
By Shahzad Sheikh

Lotus Evora

It was on sale alongside a stunning little Lotus Exige which looked mean, green and ready to scream. We’ve seen this car out and about in Dubai, once photographing it in the Dubai Festival City. The owner’s put it up for sale and wants around AED200,000 for it ($54,350).

But the real star at the Al Awir showroom was this Evora. Brand new, and brought over from the Lotus main dealer in Oman – the UAE still doesn’t have its own official Lotus dealership, although I hear it’s coming.

It looked great in white and in the flesh, although the pair of rear buckets looked too tiny even for small children. And as for ‘Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious’ (LOTUS), will this thing is powered by a Toyota 3.5-litre V6. And it makes it quick enough – 0-100kph in 5.1secs and 260kph, plus of course it’s reliable, mechanically at least…

So how much does the dealer want for this one and only? About AED260,000 ($70,700). Which actually is about AED12,000 less than the UK price.

Sounds like a good deal then and with the arrival of a main dealer imminent, not such a risk either. On the other hand, maybe wait till the Dubai Motor Show if you are thinking of buying Lotus, wink, wink…

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